The benefits of solar power.


Generating your own electricity has never been easier!

Some things to consider when thinking about Solar for your residence or business:

  • Your Location. A clear south-facing area is best, but SE or SW direction is also manageable. This could be on a roof, over a deck, on a hillside, or a large clear area which is close to your current source of power.
  • System Size. The availability of good quality unobstructed roof or land space will play the biggest factor in your system size, as well as your budget. Typically, the more power that you use, the greater the financial benefit solar will be to you.

The Process

It all starts with you. An understanding of your situation and goals is the first step in our Energy process. Give us a call, or fill out our Online Contact Form and we will reach out to you.

If there are recent satellite images of your property, we can look online and get you an estimate of potential system size, module layout, price metrics and payback estimates. If your home was recently constructed, or in the process of construction, your roof plans or building drawings will give us all the information we need.

Site Viewing
Once we have done our preliminary estimate, a site visit is required to assess your homes electrical layout and the logistics of installation. We will inspect your electrical panel, your roof, the surrounding landscape for shading, and find the path that our wiring will take to get your home powered up. We want to cover all the bases to ensure an easy install, and that we can give you a no surprise guaranteed price for your your new solar system.

We want to make going solar as easy and hassle free as possible. Our fully trained and certified installers will work with you to schedule an install period that works with your life. Most installs can be completed within a few days, and can be completed whether your home or not, making it easy for you to go about your normal life while we install and setup the system.


Your home is now set for the future. With reliable warranties, and no moving parts, your Solar System is set to produce clean reliable energy for years to come. With lifetime monitoring to go along with your inverters, your energy will be trackable, and bankable through net-metering.

Okanagan Solar will help you save money and the environment at the same time through the use of solar power.