If you are interested in generating power for your own use, there are a few things to consider.

  • First is your location and making sure that you have a good collection area. This could be on a roof, over a deck, on a hillside, on a tower or large clear area which is close to your current source of power.
  • Your next consideration is what size of system you want or can afford. Most systems are in the 2Kw to 10Kw range and usually installed in 2 days.

Before you can begin on a grid-tie system, you must first contact your local power provider and make an application for a “net metering” agreement. The utility will look at your existing service and local transformer to confirm the size of solar their equipment can handle. Once you have this, you are ready to get a quote for a system, and then a permit from the local electrical safety branch before beginning the installation. Click here to view information on net metering in various areas.

If you are starting with a new project, get us involved at the beginning to assist you with doing it right the first time.

To optimize your solar system`s performance, we recommend you look at using micro-inverters. The 2 main manufacturers are: Enphase and ASP America.

There are many manufacturers of solar modules and we recommend you don’t go for the cheapest brand.
The best modules to choose are those which have a 25-year performance guarantee and a proven efficiency curve.

SD Wind Energy Wind Turbines

SD Wind Energy is a global market leader for small wind turbines and hybrid energy systems. With over 5,000 wind turbine installations in over 70 countries and on every continent, SD Wind Energy services small scale renewable energy needs world-wide. Their wind turbine product range was first established in 1980 by highly respected inventor and innovator Gordon Proven, who developed their wind turbines to be robust, reliable and able to withstand extreme weather conditions.

The SD Wind Energy product range covers a wide array of applications and is world renowned for its unique downwind design, superior build quality and ability to operate in all wind speeds without the need to shut-down.