Solar Thermal systems are essentially a pre-heat system for domestic hot water use in your home. The collectors are either a flat panel or vacuum tube array. The closed system has a food grade glycol mixture that allows for heat gains all year long. In Canada it is can supply all of your hot water needs from May until September and will reduce heating cost for the rest of the year. Since the payback is dependent on the volume of hot water consumed and how much the solar energy reduces heating costs, the more hot water used, the greater the saving, the faster the payback. If you are a large 4 person of more family then this is well suited for you.

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Solar Pool heating systems are used on a seasonal basis and take advantage of your existing pool pump to divert the pool water into the collectors when the sensors indicate there are gains to be had. The entire system is automated and temperature sensors and controls allow you to heat the pool to your settings. Most clients have removed their conventional gas heaters once this system was installed. Solar Pool heaters allow for a longer pool season as usually it is warm enough in early May and ends around Thanksgiving weekend.

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