Solar products available from Okanagan Solar Ltd.


Each installation is unique, and each installation requires the careful consideration for the right product.

Okanagan Solar Ltd tries to support Canadian businesses by installing Made in Canada products whenever possible.

Founded in Guelph Ontario, Canadian Solar is our first choice for module manufacturer. High quality, assembled in Canada modules are designed to handle heavy snow loads, and are the top value for quality module out there.

From Toronto Ontario, Kinetic is a manufacturer of high quality extruded aluminum racking that was designed in our climate, for our climate. With 25 year warranties and racking and mounting options for all types of roof and ground mounted applications, Kinetic is a brand you can trust to deliver quality Canadian Made materials.

APsystems is a leader in dual and quad module micro-inverter systems. These safe and efficient inverters convert DC power to AC right on the roof, eliminating the need for high voltage DC conductors flowing through your home.

SMA is one of the worlds oldest manufacturers of solar inverters. Quality and innovation is at the center of this German designed and built product that prides themselves on being one of the only companies that has been around as long as their warranty periods.

LG is a leader in ultra high efficiency and ultra aesthetic solar modules, as well as high efficiency Lithium battery systems. With best in class warranties and production values, if you want the best possible module out there, look no further than LG.

SolarEdge is the dominant force in Solar Inverters thanks to their innovation in their DC Optimizers which helped eliminate some of the caveats of traditional String Inventers. You can count on SolarEdge for longstranding warranties, module level monitoring, and innovative products such as their car charging inverter system.