Solar Energy is the fuel of the future and the future is here!

No matter the size of your project, from a single family home to a large residential complex or commercial building, solar energy is an efficient, environmentally friendly and cost effective method of powering your home or apartment building, condominium complex or commercial property.

Ok Solar Homes is headquartered in Kelowna, British Columbia, and we offer our expertise throughout Canada.

  • Design Phase: Ok Solar Homes can assist you with value engineering ideas and solutions that will help keep your project on time and on budget. Solar energy helps reduce annual operating costs as well as help the environment and we can show you how to take advantage of this fabulous resource called solar energy.
  • Construction Phase: Ok Solar Homes can ensure that the electrical, mechanical and structural requirements are all ready for your renewable energy system. Once installed and final inspections are complete, your energy efficient property will provide you with low annual costs to operate.

Ok Solar Homes is also registered in Nicaragua, where the electricity costs are very high and service is unreliable. We can design and install a system for you that is effective and affordable year round in a location where the sun shines an average of 12 hours a day every month of the year. Visit our Nicaragua Relocation website to read more about owning a home in Nicaragua.

Photovoltaic /
Wind Power

PhotoVoltaic or PV Modules and Wind Turbines allow you to generate power for your own use and if you generate more than you use, you can send it into the electricity grid and be compensated for it. Any home, business, commercial enterprise can take advantage of the solar and wind energy providing you have a good collection area and are able to connect to the utility provider.

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Solar Thermal /
Solar Pool

Solar Thermal systems are essentially a pre-heat system for domestic hot water use in your home. Solar Pool heating systems are used on a seasonal basis and take advantage of your existing pool pump to divert the pool water into the collectors.

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Energy Related

We supply and install some of the best energy related products available. Each location and installation is unique in it own way and every project is treated in this manner. We listen to what your goal is and then we build your package to best suit the goal. Whether on a roof, ground mounted frame, self-erecting tower or hillside, we can help. 

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Energy Efficient

The costs of electricity, gas and oil will be rising continually in North America, and this makes the use of solar power very cost effective. We are also registered in Nicaragua, in Central America, and can build you an energy efficient home in that beautiful location.

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